Whether you’re renovating or installing a new bathroom you need the reassurance that the bathroom fitters are professional and reliable.


Often one of the smallest rooms in your house, the design is critical. We have designed, installed and renovated all types and sizes of bathroom and en-suites and have probably overcome any bathroom installation challenge you might have.

With our own bathroom fitters we provide a complete “one stop” service. We do all the planning, installation, plumbing, plastering, tiling and Part “P” standard electrical works.

Every bathroom installation or renovation we do will be finished to the highest standard that you would come to expect from us. From stud work to tiling, plumbing through to the final coat of paint, you will love every single detail of your new bathroom.

So if you are looking to remodel your bathroom or shower room, get in touch with us today and let’s talk about turning your dream into a reality.

When it comes to remodeling or renovating your outdated bathroom there are a number of ways you can attempt this sometimes costly job. Remodeling your bathroom can add value to your home and make it more comfortable to use. Bathroom renovation can involve a number of steps to help ensure you get a fully function and update design.

Evaluate the Space

The first step you should take when it comes to a bathroom remodel or renovation is to carefully consider the space you are working with. You should have a clear idea of what improvements you want to have done. If you just want a simple update, this can be accomplished by changing up the lighting fixtures or retiling the floors or wall. For a completely new look, you may be thinking about have all of the fixtures, shower sink, and toilet replaced. What you want to have worked on will ultimately also need to reflect your budget.

What Are Your Future Plans?

You may be thinking to give you bathroom a simple makeover, which will add value to your home and this can be a sensible option if you are planning on selling your home in the next five years. But, if your bathroom renovation in Oxfordshire, UK, are being done in a home you plan on living in for ten or more years then it might make more sense to go for a whole new design that is more suitable for your wants and needs.

What is Your Budget?

After you have considered the basics of what you want done you want to sit down to crunch the numbers. What can you comfortably spend on the bathroom renovations? This may mean you have to rethink some of the updates you want to have done. Keep your budget realistic and also keep in mind that while some materials and supplies will cost less they are often of a lower quality so it may not always be the best options to go with a cheaper fixture if it will only need to be replaced again in a short amount of time.

When working with a budget you may want to list the top priority items that you want to improve. Choose a few key feature that are must have updates and allow for a little bit of flexibility with the cost. There are a number of unexpected costs that can come up during the renovation process and you want to make sure you have enough wiggle room in your budget to accommodate for this surprise repairs.

Find a Reputable and Reliable Bathroom Renovation/Remodel Company in Oxfordshire, UK.

The most important aspect of your bathroom remodel will be the company you chose to work with. You want to ensure the company is reliable, experienced, professional and able to work with you and your budget.

JDS Property Renovations is a fully insured and highly respectable bathroom remodeling provider that can assist you in your remodel or renovations. As a family owned business JDS offers exceptional customer service and the highest quality bathroom remodel in Oxfordshire so give us a call today to begin discussing your dream bathroom design. 01865 321604.