Carpentry in your home is best left for highly trained professionals to ensure a quality job every time.


By choosing to either do the work yourself or hire someone unqualified you are setting yourself up for problems with the construction and a lot of money out of pocket to fix what wasn’t done correctly.

When choosing a carpentry company to work on your projects for your home you want to make sure they are both professional and reliable. JDS has made sure for years that professionalism and reliability are cornerstones to our business.

Carpentry can cover a plethora of activities and items that are built. For JDS carpentry mainly includes designing and building built in furniture for your home, building and installing cabinetry, partition walls, and laying hardwood flooring.

If a renovation of your bathroom or bedroom is on the list, we can handle the project from start to finish.

JDS is capable of tackling some of the most complex projects due to our long history of success and our determination to provide the kind of service you will talk about for years. This is a list of just some of carpentry projects that JDS covers:

  • New doors and locks
  • Partitions/plaster boarding
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Built-in cupboards
  • Skirting and architraves
  • Bookcases
  • Real wood flooring
  • Roofing
  • Maintenance


Once we have discussed and planned out your carpentry choices, you just sit back while we handle the rest. With our highly trained staff, we take care of every step from planning and installation to plastering and plumbing workings. Your project will be not only perfect for your home but also aesthetically pleasing.

With our full-service reliable process, you will have your renovations done exactly to specification. Allow your home to reflect your personality and offer a space for you and your family to live comfortably. Carpentry work does not have to leave your home in ruins; at JDS we want you to feel happy and secure through the whole process.

The high standards of our workmanship, our superior professionalism, and outstanding renovation options make us a trusted choice for all of your carpentry needs. Each of our jobs is completed with the care, concern, and consideration that we would show our family. Time after time we receive return clients because of the level of excellence in which we perform our jobs.

The base of our clientele has come from personal word-of-mouth recommendations making us highly aware of the excellent service we must provide each and every time. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service, professional staff, and reliability that is second to none.

Please take a moment and view our testimonials as well as the incredible options our renovation experts can provide for your home. If carpentry is just one step in your home improvements, we can discuss an entire workup of projects that will make your home your own. Renovations just got a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable with JDS. We would love to hear from you with any questions you have. Thank you for putting your confidence in JDS.