When deciding on an electrician to handle your electrical and lighting renovations you want to hire someone that is certified, educated, and most importantly, reliable.


Reliability is the overriding objective for JDS and our employees. We will make sure you have decided on the perfect choice for you and that all electrical work is done with expertise and professionalism.

Electrical functionality is generally something that is not in direct view to you on an everyday basis. However, the behind the scenes electrical work is what keeps your home functioning and safe.

Electrical work that is incorrectly installed or becomes damaged is a major safety issue for your home and your family; something you don’t want to let sit for very long.

Electrical issues can cause fires and shock hazards as well as can be an eyesore if not correctly stored behind the scenes of your home. If your project is part of a new and original building process, incorrect installation can cause delays in construction, failure of inspections, and a lot of extra money. Any work contracted for your lighting choices should be completed by experts; something JDS takes very seriously when hiring our professional staff.

Electric work connects with almost everything in your home. JDS specializes in the safe installation, inspection, and functionality of a plethora of projects involving lighting and electrical work. If your electrical needs coincide with one of our other specialties, consider letting us take care of the process from planning to completion to ensure solid top quality work. Some of the projects you may be considering that we guarantee excellent results are the following:

  • Wiring
  • Rewiring
  • Additional circuits or sockets
  • Showers
  • Under-floor heating
  • Fire alarms
  • Burglar alarms
  • Garden lighting
  • Lighting including Low Energy and LED
  • Security lighting
  • Security systems including CCTV
  • Exterior sockets and lighting
  • Fault finding

Once we have discussed and planned out your electrical and lighting choices, you just sit back while we handle the rest. With our highly trained staff, we take care of every step from planning and installation to plastering and electrical workings. Your project will be not only perfect for your home but also aesthetically pleasing. Electrical maintenance and lighting installation does not have to leave your home in ruins; at JDS we want you to feel happy and secure through the whole process.

The high standards of our workmanship, our superior professionalism, and outstanding renovation options make us a trusted choice for your lighting and electrical needs. Each of our jobs is completed with the care, concern, and consideration that we would show our own family. The base of our clientele has come from personal word-of-mouth recommendations making us highly aware of the excellent service we must provide each and every time.

Please take a moment and view our testimonials as well as the incredible options our renovation experts can provide for your home. We would love to hear from you with any questions you have. Thank you for putting your confidence in JDS.