Protecting your home, your belongings, and your loved ones is a crucial decision to make.


Deciding on a company that you can trust to install all of your home security needs correctly and efficiently, can be a daunting task. When looking at a company, you are potentially handing over to them the task of protecting the most important things in your life, a job that needs to be done by someone you can rely on. At JDS, we pride ourselves on our core values, one of which happens to be complete reliability.

We understand that the concern for the safety of your home and family affects everything that you do from family outings to the enjoyment of your home. A locked down fortress is not a practical idea for a family home. Our JDS representatives will speak with you about your personal lifestyle, your concerns, and all identifiable risks, in order to design the perfect security system for you and your family.

There are several questions you should ask yourself, and we will ask as well, before deciding on any plan to create or improve your home’s security system.

  • What are all of the identifiable risks in and around your home?
  • How often is the house left unoccupied?
  • How close are your neighbors?
  • Is your neighbor’s home vacant during the day?
  • What street lighting is there, if any?
  • What door lock requirements does your insurance carrier require?


The answers to these questions will allow us to offer a comprehensive protection plan for your home without all of the excess. There are several security features to consider when making your plan including locks, glazing, alarms, CCTV, security lighting, and perimeter fencing and gates. If all of these options bring about a feeling of confusion and anxiety don’t worry, we will be there to let you know what the best options are for you and your home.

Once you have agreed on a home security plan of attack, you simply sit back while we handle the rest. With our highly trained staff, we take care of every step from planning and installation to plastering and electrical workings. Your system will be not only perfect for your home but also aesthetically pleasing. Security system installation does not have to leave your home in ruins; at JDS we want you to feel happy and secure through the whole process.

The high standards of our workmanship, our superior professionalism, and outstanding protection options make us a trusted choice for your home security needs. Each of our jobs is completed with the care, concern, and consideration that we would show our own family. The base of our clientele has come from personal word-of-mouth recommendations making us highly aware of the excellent service we must provide each and every time.

Please take a moment and view our testimonials as well as the incredible options our renovation experts can provide for your home. We would love to hear from you with any questions you have. Thank you for putting your confidence in JDS.