Whenever you need to extend your home, convert your loft or develop your cellar, you need the reassurance that your builders are reliable; and reliability is the overriding objective of JDS.

Extending your home, upwards, downwards or sideways is usually a more cost-effective solution than moving. However home extension projects in the house you are living in can be disruptive if not planned properly.

Whatever you are planning to do, you need to consider:

  • Do you need more living or sleeping space (or both!)?
  • Is internal access to a loft extension possible?
  • How near is you house to your boundary?
  • Would an extension compromise your garden?
  • Are there similar extensions near to you?

We have designed and built all types and sizes of extension and have probably overcome any challenge you might have.

We provide a complete “one stop” service with our own tradesmen. We do all the installation, plumbing, decorating, plastering, tiling and Part “P” standard electrical works. We can also help with any planning issues.

What project are you now considering?

  • Loft Conversion with Dormer or Velux windows
  • Cellar conversion
  • House extension with a single and double storey

We are trusted and respected for our excellent service and the high standards of our workmanship. Much of our work comes from the word-of-mouth recommendations of satisfied customers, all of whom appreciate the care and consideration with which each job is undertaken.

Adding onto your home is a great way to create more space, storage, and comfort. Many homeowners consider having a home extension done on their home and often will seek out a reputable architect to help with the design, only to find out that the design they fall in love with is unable to be built.

This often results in a lot of wasted time and money. For house extensions in Oxfordshire, UK, you want to be able to work with a skilled company that can not only help design your extension but can also ensure it gets built. They should be able to assist you in deciding what type of house extension would be the best fit for your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

house extension prices

House extensions are a great way to add a lot of much need space to your home. These can and width or length to the ground floor and can be a great way to fill the space with new natural lighting.

Home extensions in Oxfordshire are incredibly popular. They not only add a significant amount of floor space to your home but with this modern addition, you can increase the value of your home. Many homes lack a suitably sized kitchen often been much too small to accommodate families. While in the past the size of the kitchen only needed to be large enough to perform the necessary food prep and cooking duties this is not the case anymore. Many kitchens need to be multifunctional allow for easy movement and functionality.

An extension allows for an expansion of space and the ability to connect it with the rest of the living space. Many older homes feature kitchens that are detached from the rest of the home often separated by walls and doorways but this is not the ideal design for the modern family or homeowner. With a kitchen extension, you allow for a more open space that can incorporate a dining area as well as additional seating options creating the perfect social setting for the family and dinner guests.

Many home extensions will include a patio access point into the design. This allows you an easy and convenient way to move from the inside to the outside garden area of your home. The additional patio doors and windows allow for an ample amount of sunlight to fill the kitchen space.

When it comes to a house extension in Oxfordshire, UK you want to find a company that can offer you an all in one package for your extension plans. From the initial design, consultations to have the knowledge and understanding of the building regulation in your area is vital that you find an experienced company to work with for any house extension.

JDS Property Renovation has been serving the Oxfordshire, UK area for years and has done a number of house extensions. The professional and experienced staff have a full understanding of not only the regulations, permits and documentations needed to complete your house extension.

To begin your consultation, call JDS Property Renovation today, 01865 321604, and discuss how you can start your house extension with ease.